Friday, June 3, 2022

 The Tiger at A World Of Pattern:

Zodiac 2022 Year of the Tiger tableware by Rosenthal

Curious, intelligent and careful: never underestimate a rat, especially a lovely one !

Friday, February 4, 2022

Vor dem Tiger ist nach dem Büffel!
Zumindest was die Reihenfolge der chinesischen Sternzeichen betrifft. 
Sammelteller 2022, gestaltet vm Designbüro iSHONi, 99 EUR.
(Rosenthal Porzellan / HOME DECO MAGAZIN)



🐩💝 by Rosenthal Porcelain / Manuela Federica

Cozy dogs and pillows in Catalogue Visionnaire-Home Russia 

    金雞報喜 眾家齊推生肖瓷品添好運

羅森泰自2014年底開始推出深受東方人喜愛的年度生肖紀念盤,與瑞士知名設計師Manuela Federica合作,推出2017雞年生肖盤、18cm點心盤和馬克杯等品項。萊儷水晶的「金雞報曉」手描金水晶雕塑,則重現品牌創辦人Rene Lalique設計、裝飾在汽車上的27個車頭裝飾其中之一的公雞雕塑。
除擺飾、餐盤外,茶聞名的TWG Tea則推Haute Couture訂製茗茶系列金雞報早茶(Morning Rooster Tea),讓人以一杯美好的早茶迎接這生氣蓬勃金雞年。(劉妍伶/台北報導) 

iSHONi: The Dog (Rosenthal Zodiac)


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May be an image of food and flower
(THE PIG - from the Rosenthal Zodiac Collection)

  The Tiger at A World Of Pattern: Zodiac 2022 Year of the Tiger tableware by Rosenthal #yea...